A crowdsourced platform that aggregates Live Election feeds from Voters' Phones during Polls to help ensure Free, Fair & transparent Elections in Nigeria. Join the cause today.

1 - Register your mobile number
To register your mobile number at Nigeria Decide SMS your PU: number (On your voters card) to 09037346541 e.g. if your PU number is 30/01/05/043 Send SMS of 30/01/05/043 to 09037346541

2 - Note the format for Reporting election information
To report any issue happening in the polling unit If the issue is Ballot box stuffing, then you send SMS [Election Code] [space] Ballot box stuffing to 09037346541 To Send result of your polling unit after officials have counted, SMS [Election Code][Space][Party short name][Votes] [Space] [another Party short name][Votes] [Space] [another Party short name][Votes] aa500 apc400 npc400 pdp399 a398 acpn504 cpp690 apa569 ....... For more information on formatting SMS check here To Send in the total voters on your polling unit's voters register: If the total number of Voters in your polling unit is 1567, then you send SMS V [space] 1567 to 09037346541

3 - Take Action
During any election day, Simply SMS election report and announced result after officials have counted to 09037346541 in the specified format in step 2. You can also SMS any Occurence in the Polling Unit

Features of product

  • Mobile based
  • SMS and App Based
  • Sentiment Detection
  • Election Information
  • Election Live feeds from All polling units
  • Announced results aggregation
  • Customized Private analytics available for Political parties to help track votes across All Polling units

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